Welcome to GWU Lasertechnik Vertriebsges. mbH

GWU Lasertechnik Vertriebsges.mbH is specialized on developing and manufacturing non-linear optical systems like OPOs based on BBO, LBO, and KTP. In 1989 GWU introduced the first commercial OPO of BBO worldwide. The applications for GWU´s OPOs include medicine, material research, environmental analysis, and spectroscopy. Currently GWU OPOs cover the spectral range from 193 nm to 10 µm.


Besides OPOs GWU offers harmonic generators for ultrafast laser systems in the ps and fs regime (doublers, triplers, quadruplers, and mixers) and different pulsed lasers.


GWU Lasertechnik Vertriebsges.mbH acts as agent for Fujian CASTECH crystals - the inventors of BBO and LBO crystals - and for HC Photonics - high quality QPM devices and green lasers. Because of this relationship GWU Lasertechnik Vertriebsges.mbH could offer a wide range of crystals and other optical materials.


At last a range of beam  diagnostic solutions from Swamp Optics


GWU offers customized solutions and participates in research projects.


Quality is one of the major company guidelines. GWU is certified to ISO 9001.