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The periodically poled of bulk non-linear materials are suitable for diverse applications such as optical frequency converter to generate the full spectrum of light source from visible to mid-IR, as high speed switching device for light modulation and as other innovative applications that are yet to be contemplated. As differ to the birefringent phase matching, the QPM technique utilizes the whole transparency range (0.35 um ~ 5.0 um in case of lithium niobate) of the non-linear materials and their highest non-linear coefficient for efficient optical frequency conversion in OPO, SHG, SFG, DFG and OPG laser applications.

GWU Lasertechnik Vertriebsges.mbH acts as an agent for HC Photonics.As the technology leader for the Periodically Poled of Nonlinear Materials, HC Photonics has established itself as forefront runner and driving force of providing the bulk and waveguide devices based on PPLN, PP-MgO:LN, PP-MgO:SLT and other advance non-linear materials.







HC Photonics PPXX-Xtals Mixer

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