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May 2014


Optatec Frankfurt. May 20th to 22nd.

Visit our booth that we share with Castech and HC Photonics

Hall 3  booth A27 and A29


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February 2014



Effective immediately GWU-Lasertechnik starts the
distribution of products from Swamp Optics.

Swamp Optics' FROGs and GRENOUILLEs tell you
everything you could possibly want to know about
ultrashort laser pulses!

The FROG and GRENOUILLE devices quickly and
accurately measure the complete pulse intensity and
phase vs. time and frequency, not just the
autocorrelation. And, unlike autocorrelation, they make
no assumptions about the pulse shape.

PULSE COMPRESSORs and proprietary software
complement Swamp Optics’ portfolio.
Common features of all products are reliability and ease
of application.
Contact GWU for more details