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Ytterbium : CALGO – A Gifted Crystal for New USP Laser Sources


Yb:CaGdAlO4 (called CALGO) is a promising new laser gain material which possesses several important advantages. The crystal structure is tetragonal. When it is pumped at 979 nm under Pi configuration, the emission spectrum exceeds 50 nm width and spreads from 994 nm to 1050 nm in theta configuration. This implies a very low quantum defect (down to 1.5%). Furthermore, the material has a high thermal conductivity. Due to these outstanding properties, Yb:CALGO is perfectly suitable for ultra-short pulse (USP) laser sources, generating femtosecond pulses with high average power directly from an oscillator.


Yb:CALGO Benefits:

  • high absorption coefficient at 979 nm
  • high stimulated emission threshold
  • low laser threshold
  • extremely low quantum defect
  • broad emission spectrum 994 - 1050 nm
  • high slope efficiency with diode pumping


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CLBO – Best deep UV Performance


Cesium Lithium Borate (CsLiB6O10, CLBO) is a newly developed crystal with excellent nonlinear UV features. Compared to BBO, it has a higher spectral and temperature acceptance, larger angle tolerance and smaller walk-off angle. The transparency ranges down to 180 nm. These advantages make CLBO a perfect material for UV and deep UV applications, such as semiconductor inspection, micro-processing, bio-medicalor UV-LIDAR.

To prevent any damage due to CLBO’s sensitivity to moisture, sealed crystal mounts can be provided. These ensure an easy-to-use application and a long lifetime of the crystals.


CLBO Benefits:

  • cut-off wavelength up tp 180 nm
  • large effective NLO coefficients
  • wide acceptance angle
  • small walk-off
  • no saturation effects for high-power UV generation
  • sealed crystal mount available


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Yb:CALGO and CLBO crystals as well as various other crystals and optical components are manufuctured by GWU's partner Castech Inc. The outstanding quality and design flexibility of Castech's optical crystals and coatings is well-known, supplying thousands of laser manufacturers and researchers worldwide

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Waveguide Mixers – High Efficiency Plug & Play Devices


Periodically-poled Lithium Niobate (PPLN) crystals provide a high non-linear gain and thus allows for highest conversion efficiencies even for smallest input powers. For an easy-to-use application we offer PPLN crystals in a convenient, compact, robust and cost-effective packaged format: The PPLN Mixers. Besides being plug & play devices, the Mixers are widely customizable in wavelength and are available in free-space or fiber-coupled configurations. With integrated waveguide technology, the PPLN Mixers provide highest efficiency in single-pass conversion. E. g. more than 1 W at 780 nm can be extracted from only 3.8 W of pump power at 1560 nm in cw operation. This makes the PPLN Mixers highly interesting especially for applications in quantum optics.


PPLN Mixer Benefits:

  • Plug & Play, alignment-free
  • free-space or fiber-coupled
  • single pass & high efficiency
  • compact and robust
  • various conversion configurations
  • available for a variety of applications customizations

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The PPLN Mixers as well as bulk and wavguide PPLN chips are manufactured by GWU's partner HC Photonics Corp. As the first company dedicated to periodically poled nonlinear technology, HCP has developed itself as a technology platform leader, offering most advanced PPLN fabrication process, the most knowledgeable customer service as well as the most cost-effective manufacturing efficiency.

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